Visualizing Architecture - Tutorials for rendering and diagramming.

Sodium Design - Tutorials in most software including Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Adobe Creative Suite and SketchUp.

Scriptographer - An Illustrator Plug-In.

Digital toolbox - DTutorials in Rhino and Grasshopper for all levels.

Tutsplus - Graphic design tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Christopher McAdams - YouTube channel for Rhino tutorials.

Chris Beorkrem - YouTube channel for Revit tutorials.

17 Templates for Common Construction Systems to Help you Materialize Your Projects - 17 diagrams from the book showing templates for basic building systems using handcrafted processes, which are ideal solutions for low-rise buildings (up to four floors)

50 Impressive Details Using Wood - 50 construction details of projects that stand out for their clever use of wood.

Young Architect Guide: 10 Quick Tips and Tricks for Efficiency in Photoshop