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Students are able to gain insight into the architectural practice and to 'interview' with firms—to ask questions about the architectural profession, design practice, and types of projects firms are engaged in. Registration for CareerEXPO_2019 is FREE for students. For juniors, seniors, and graduate students, this is a great opportunity to meet and interview firm representatives— many of whom are the decision-makers for hiring. For freshman and sophomores, this is an exceptional time to hear from architectural practitioners, laying the groundwork for future employment.

Employers from across the region representing the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Regional Planning will come to UNC Charlotte to showcase their firms' work, build relationships with the School of Architecture, and interview potential candidates for summer, part-time, and full-time employment. CareerEXPO_2019 is hosted by the School of Architecture and UNCC AIAS Chapter.

Student registration information will be emailed out when available. 

Schedule: February 22, 2019

[9:00-12:00] Interviews

Engage with 6 firms in scheduled 30 minute interviews. 

[12:00-12:30] Lunch Break

Lunch will be served to firms at noon and will last until 12:30pm. 

[12:30-1:30] Open Hour / Walk Around

There will be an open discussion period where you may walk around and have open, brief conversations with firms. This hour is intended for you to interact with firms that you didn't have the chance to talk to during the rest of the day. This time period is not intended for impromptu interviews; rather, have small conversations just to drop off a business card or get further information.

[1:30-4:30] Interviews

Engage with 6 firms in scheduled 30 minute interviews.

[4:30-5:30] Reception

Drinks and snack will be provided for firm representatives, faculty, and students. Hosted by the School of Architecture.  

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CareerEXPO_2019 is for you!