Past Projects

Cabarrus County Bilingual Preschool: Play Track

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The client’s vision for the second portion of the backyard improvement project included having a track that the preschoolers can use to test their gross motor skills. The goal was to implement a form that would be able to have the children turn at various angles, go over bumps, and run or ride their bicycles on a straight path. Since most of the children that attend the preschool are from lower-in-come families, we wanted the children to receive proper skills in the play area so that they would be able to develop into adulthood without certain limitations.

Cabarrus County Bilingual Preschool: Interactive Fence

This project renovated the fence surrounding the preschool playground. The existing chainlink fence viewed a warehouse district and was void of color. The design included weaving colorful plastic strips into the chainlink and adding interactive panels for the kids to play with.


Chantilly Montessori Elementary: Playhouse


The site consisted of an enclosed playground complete with jungle gym, garden beds, and an outdoor classroom designed and built by our FBD team the previous year. While the kids enjoyed running around on the playground, some of the existing equipment was not age appropriate for the K-2nd graders who primarily use this space. In keeping with Chantilly’s mission to encourage exploration and untraditional learning methods, the design integrated a whimsical, imaginative form yet simple assembly system, which would serve as both a play space and a learning space. To encourage exploration and learning, a variety of materials including steel, gluelam, concrete, and fabric were used in the design. 

Chantilly Montessori Elementary: Outdoor Classroom

The outdoor was designed in order to create a teaching space in the yard to be used by students and teachers. Having the space for outdoor learning allows for teacher to expand their lessons to the outdoors and lets kids have outdoor time while they learn.

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