AIAS Membership Benfits


The AIAS is a voice for students, and much more. Our vast collection of resources and activities are designed to save you money, time and assist you with your educational and professional pursuits. The AIAS also helps ensure your success upon completing your education through the connections you will make with educators, architects, designers and other professionals.

The AIAS offers several conferences and events each year. They include the annual FORUM convention, the Grassroots Leadership Conference, the AIA Research Conference, the Freedom by Design Orientation and the Quad Conferences.

Membership provides an immeasurable amount of diverse opportunities including lectures, workshops, social events, professional development, community service projects and conferences. 


National Benefits include:

  • Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities: Take advantage of the numerous leadership and networking opportunities available.

  • NCARB: NCARB’s Student Architect Licensing Advisor Program, facilitated by the AIAS, gives students a voice in the licensure process and a local licensure advisor on campus.

  • AIA: Receive your first 18 months of AIA membership for free upon completion of your NAAB accredited degree.

  • Travel Discounts: Specific to conference travel.

  • Event Discounts: Make the most of your AIAS membership and attend events like AIAS Grassroots, FORUM, Quad Conferences, Fall Events, AIA Convention and more at steep discounts!

  • Freedom By Design: Become owners in a process that radically impacts the lives of people through design-build solutions.

  • CRIT: Complimentary subscription.

  • ARCHI: Receive a free custom domain to host your portfolio (or anything else).

  • Black Spectacles: Discounts on digital workshops.

  • Professional Publications Ink: AIAS members receive discounts on their ARE Prep products.

  • Public Journal: A free subscription to a design journal featuring editorials and photography of meaningful projects that are improving lives.

  • Squarespace: All members receive a 10% discount with the website builder, blogging platform and hosting service.

  • Hotelstorm : Members receive exclusive hotel discounts, find savings of 10-55% over other online travel agencies.

  • Redlined Architecture: Receive free portfolio tips and a discounted portfolio course.

  • Blank Space: Members who register for the competition receive a free copy of the newest Fairy Tales book.

  • MIT Press: Receive a 30% ongoing discount on all MITP architecture titles.

UNCC AIAS Benefits include:

  • Ability to sign-up for workshops and CAREER FAIR before non-members.

  • Meet Professionals in the Charlotte area through our MENTOR PROGRAM.

  • Have a upper-year student to always ask for help through our PEER MENTORSHIP PROGRAM.

  • Visit Architecture firms in the Charlotte area during the FIRM CRAWL.

  • Join in on social events such as our CRAFT NIGHT and PUMPKIN CARVING.

  • Be a part of our nationally recognized and award winning FREEDOM BY DESIGN team.