Thanks to the help of professor Eric Sauda, we were able to find our client for the year; the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte acts as an emergency shelter for men experiencing homelessness and provide support services to help the men find more appropriate housing.

There are several projects in mind for the ‘backyard’ area of the building, which is where homeless men spend time when the shelter is closed. The backyard area is known as a shelter of itself, the men are free to spend time there where they are safe. There are two small canopies in the back area, one of them is over a bike rack and the other over the backdoor. Since the Shelter operates from 7 pm - 7 am, the men often find themselves in every kind of weather waiting for the shelter to open. The canopies become heavily crowded when it rains and there is not enough cover from the weather to offer real protection. The first priority would be to have a canopy which covers the area between both canopies. FBD will be designing and constructing a canopy as temporary shelter from the weather.

Learn more about the Men's Shelter of Charlotte on their website!